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discription of black PP fire proof corrugated pipe

discription of black PP fire proof corrugated pipe

Update Time:2019-11-13
discription of black PP fire proof corrugated pipe 
plastic single wall corrugated pipe is used for wire and cable automobile wiring harness.  It is a very light wire harness protective pipe. 
Common plastic corrugated pipes are extruded from PE, PP and PA. 
the corrugated pipes produced by these three materials are divided into two major types, flame retardant and non-flame retardant. Today, we introduce PP flame retardant corrugated pipe.

PP material flame retardant plastic corrugated pipe, flame retardant grade up to VO grade, using environmentally friendly new PP material
compare with pe, pp flame retardant corrugated pipe is more harder and stronger pressure resistance
working temperature: -30°C~+110 °C can reach +130°C in a short time.
The structure is wave-shaped inside and outside the table. Most customers will buy black plastic corrugated pipes. Of course, they also produce gray and orange. 
PP flame retardant plastic corrugated pipe is flexible. , surface gloss, chemical corrosion resistance, mainly used for automotive wiring, can also be used for machine tool machinery, automatic instrumentation, motor motor, protection cable and wire from external wear and insulation. 
Among the three plastic corrugated pipes, PP is the most economical one.

Application field
It is mainly used for automobile wiring, and can also be used for machine tools, automatic instruments, motor, to protect cables and wires from external wear and insulation. 

How to use
Insert the wire and cable into the tube, and then connect connectors. 
Note: 1. Various specifications of the pipe are divided into flame retardant and non-flame retardant; 
2. The pipe is divided into openings and closed; 
3. The pipe color, length and packaging have special requirements, which can be agreed by both the supplier and the buyer; 
4. All pipe specifications, inner diameter, Outer diameter in millimeters
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