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What is the Advantage of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe ?

What is the Advantage of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe ?

Update Time:2019-12-02
What is the Advantage of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe ?
HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe has the advantages of light weight, small drainage resistance, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, and convenient construction. It is an ideal material to replace cast iron pipes and cement concrete pipes.
DWC pipe line
HDPE structural wall pipes show more economic and social benefits than cement socket pipes:
1, greatly shorten the construction period and reduce the difficulty of construction;
2. The requirements for the bottom of the trench are not high;
3. HDPE pipes will not break when the ground sinks or the crust changes;
4. The permeability of HDPE pipe is much lower than that of cement pipe and lower than 2%, which will not cause secondary pollution to groundwater;
5. HDPE pipe has a long service life, more than 50 years.
6. The inner surface of HDPE pipe is smooth, without positive and negative electric nucleus, and does not scale.
7. HDPE is light in weight, easy to transport and install without loss;
HDPE pipe can be one or two models smaller than cement pipe when the pipeline's passing flow, slope drop and buried depth are the same
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